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The development of our Business Advisory and Consulting following our recent merger is an indication of our maturity as a leading provider of world class professional management education over 20 years for which we have received international recognition.

Our Services

Operating across the breadth of the corporate management space, our consultants will provide the following solutions to deal with your business challenges for example:

Problems we are Solving

NGO Sector Consulting

Following increasing realization of the challenges faced by the NGO sector in Uganda from fraud and corruption, an industry wide initiative, the Internal Risk Management Group (IRMG) was formed by mainly international NGO’s operating in Uganda.
The forum is funded by, among others, British Aid and the Swedish Development Agency SIDA and In January 2020, following a competitive tendering process, the IRMG retained MAT ABACUS Business School consultants to provide support to their member organisations as part of a process to deal with these problems.

Financial Services Consulting

In January 2021, a fast growing commercial bank with a unique strategic mandate retained the services of our consultants to provide Board Induction support for its recently appointed Directors.
Our consultants designed a solution across governance, technology, strategy, and risk considerations enabling broad and strategic Director preparation, conceptualized and delivered in a short timeframe. In September 2021, a leading digital stock exchange retained the services of our consultants to facilitate leadership and strategy conversations for their Board and senior management considering the current disruptive global business environment.

Energy Sector Consulting

As part of its drive to deliver an effective EXCO -1 management team to underpin effective succession, our consultants supported solution design and delivery of accounting based decision making, planning and control skills to a cross functional management team of over 40 staff including engineers, HR practitioners, IT specialists, auditors and core finance managers of a public listed national power distribution utility. Our solution included coverage over capital rationing evaluations, energy sector pricing theory, cost structure and breakeven analysis from first principles.

Our Value Proposition

In today’s knowledge led world, we believe a good business advisor and consultant must also be a good academic. At MAT ABACUS Business School, we believe our consulting clients receive a superior service as our consulting teams bring to their engagements:

• Industry work experience as senior level management, including C-level and Board Director experience.

• Insights from world class programs we teach including the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Business School MBA & M.Sc. in Finance, ACCA, CFA, PMP, CIA and CISA. These programs frequently update program content to incorporate cutting edge lessons learned in the arena of global business.

With unique insights gained from having to solve management problems at the workplace and in the classroom setting over many years our consultants are ready to rise up to the challenges faced by your business with game changing solutions.

Our Key People

Our Customers

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