Executive Education

At MAT ABACUS, we believe in partnerships that strengthen institutions. We continue to develop leadership oriented programs for top and middle level executives. These programs are proven to increase engagements, motivation and productivity through the honing of soft skills.

May of the executives who attend our AKILI Leadership Institute programs have gone on to become leaders in the work place, and thrive in the disrupted business landscape of today

Moments at the CFO Graduation Ceremony 2022/2023

Executive Education for a VUCA Environment!


The Akili Leadership Institute (ALI) brings together the best professionals, also known as “Professors of Practice,” who have not only excelled in the academic field but have caused a transformation in the marketplace through the organizations that they lead. Most of them serve on the boards of organizations and are still creating impact by providing practical guidance to the leadership teams on how to stay nimble while navigating today’s dynamic world.

We have over 40 tutors, professors, researchers, and certified coaches in our professional network, some of whom have been with the Business School since its inception—over 20 years. These are all experts in their fields and continuously engage with business leaders and executives globally.

Throughout the years, ALI has developed a range of cutting-edge techniques and tools to support the leadership development of executives in organizations—by delivering highly customized, bespoke programs focused on your needs.

Our Philosophy

It is our aspiration to be the best Leadership Institute in Uganda. Our philosophy is that effective leadership starts with heightening one’s self-awareness, which ignites profound personal change in the executives to become the best leaders of their teams through leveraging the individual team strengths. Supporting the individual leaders' ability to understand and effectively contribute translates into organizational change. "We endeavor to create organizations that are not only adaptive but who are able to self-disrupt through innovation to create an environment where employees perform at their best."

Our Professors of Practice 

  • Prof. Samuel Sejjaaka – Country Team Leader – MAT ABACUS
  • Dr. Edward Isingoma
  • Prof. Jamie McAlister
  • Dr. Peter Kimbowa (PK)
  • Ms. Brenda Nabatanza
  • Ms. Esther Kasirye
  • Ms. Christine MagalaDr.
  • Eng. Frank Ssebowa

If you are considering development initiatives for your board, managers, senior executives, or high potentials in your company, ALI delivers powerful leadership development engagements that deliver lasting results.

Our Professors of Practice can deliver bespoke programs or specific sessions on board development and leadership within a broader learning initiative, tailoring the activities to the needs of your organization and your team. Many business challenges have leadership at their heart. Some examples of specific issues that we can help you address are:

1.    Board Inductions

6.    Aligning corporate culture to deliver

2.    Board Evaluations

7.    Self- disrupting to counter change / uncertainty

3.    Strategy Development, Review and Execution

8.    Developing Leadership Skills for your teams

4.    Revamping difficult Executive Team

9.    Management Skills

5.    Building Leadership Excellence


We are cognizant that change does not happen after a one-time interaction. Therefore, ALI provides support to individuals and corporates to ensure sustainable change through focused follow-up and coaching interventions. The duration of the coaching support is dependent on the desired outcome, and approach to the development process, which may range from one to six check-in sessions after training. ALI and the client agree on the mode of check-ins (either in-person or virtual).

Our Approach


For you to firm up your aspiration of who you want to be, you first need to establish who you are. Therefore, the starting block to personal development is self-awareness. To support you in heightening your self-awareness, ALI uses a range of 360-degree feedback instruments, personality inventories, structured assessments, and group and individual feedback. Executives gain a rich understanding of themselves through these diverse sources of information.

Analysis of the data collected through the tools presents an image of how the executive is seen today. Based on the executive’s aspirations and desired goals, change is discussed and translated into actionable behaviors. This approach benefits the individual, the teams they work with and ultimately the entire organization.

Assessment Tools include; 

  • DISC (D)ominance – (task-oriented and active) ;(I)nfluence – (people-oriented and active);(S)teadiness – (people-oriented and reserved);(C)onscientiousness – (task-oriented and active)
  • Clarity4D
  • MBTI - Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • 360 Degrees Assessments
  • Gallups Strengths Finder

Leadership in Action


The more the executive’s self-awareness is heightened, the greater their desire to transform themselves and their organizations. Against this premise, ALI has developed an approach to enable executives to gain insights into leadership styles at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

Team or group activities: These provide an opportunity for the executives to express themselves in a team context and reflect on their leadership styles and their consequences, experimenting with various approaches, strategies, and actions.

The teams are exposed to various scenarios that require setting a strategy, aligning objectives, planning, or execution; the leadership style of individuals within a team is examined, and discussions amongst the team for key lessons are undertaken after each exercise. This approach creates self-discovery for the individual in a real-life scenario.

This approach is facilitated by ALI Professors of Practice who provide structured, non-judgmental feedback that provides the executives with an opportunity to develop actionable steps to embark on the journey of transformation. The group activities based on the scenarios are best done outdoors.

Our professors of practice are also proficient in the use of indoor scenarios drawn from indigenous business situations. These enable executives to have insightful conversations on the approaches that could be adopted in responding to the business cases. The PoPs facilitate the conversation and debrief the executives in detail about the case to explore the ideal approach

Acting experiences: We also adopt an approach where the executives are required to act out a fictitious situation (e.g., giving developmental feedback to a subordinate or negotiating with a client) while the team and facilitator observe. After the session, the participant receives in-depth feedback on his or her performance. Again, the acting process is a simulation of reality, as managers often find themselves in similar situations and never receive direct feedback on their "performance."

Class Size

Our classes are capped at 25–30 executives. This allows for increased interaction and learning. It provides the Professors of Practice an opportunity to engage with each of the executives at a personal level as well as promotes interactive learning through group-work and professor-led discussions through the case studies.

In the case of bespoke programs aimed at organizations, in-depth assessments of the organizations are conducted, and relatable cases are developed, to enable executives to convert emerging insights from interactions into immediate, tangible results. This approach fast-tracks the executive’s ability to quickly execute the actionable insights for immediate value creation.

Why you should consider ALI as your leadership development partner?

  1. We are an indigenous Business School that has been in the market for over 20 years. This equips us with a clear understanding of the operating environment.
  2. We provide a deep understanding of the business. Our Professors of practice have not only excelled in the academic space but have also been at the helm of leading institutions where they created positive transformation. Most of these are MAT ABACUS Business School Alumni.
  3. Our coaches not only have the academic certification but have beyond the required hours gathered experience to effectively engage in meaningful conversations and provide non-judgmental feedback.
  4. Our approach to delivering the programs is tailored for adult learners; we start with the Why; we encourage a lot of interaction to experience share experiences. We are encouraging problem-solving and undertake steps to ensure that the emerging results are translated into the organization for immediate value.
  5. Through our growing footprint and networks, some of our selected programs are delivered beyond our geographic boundaries. (some of the destinations include Kenya, South Africa, and UAE )

What next?


  • Reach out on Tel No. Tel: 0200960162(AIRTEL), 0393254916(MTN)  ; e-mail :info@matabacus.ac.ug
  • Discuss with our competent team the leadership need and expected our comes.
  • We review and assess the best way to support the team.
  • Co-create the leadership program to ensure that it addresses the identified needs.
  • Execute the Leadership development assignment
  • Post – training check-in and hand holding to ensure maximum benefit.

Our Executive Programs

We provide world class education services to business leaders. Our training programs
are intended to solve real emerging issues in the dynamic competitive business environment.

Our executive programs include the following;