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Explore a variety of our academic courses like Masters in Business Administration (MBA), among others

Professional Programs

Study to become a certified professional in ACCA, CPA, PMP, CIM, CISA, CIA, CIPD, CIPS, CFP

Executive Programs

Choose from our menu of Executive education programs and earn CPD hours.

New Courses

Unlock Your Potential with Finance and Project Management Short Courses!

Expert instructors, flexible learning, practical training, and globally recognized certification.

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Unlock financial success with 'The Art of Tax'.
Save time, reduce errors, and boost profitability.
Master tax expertise as an individual or business owner.
Join us now and make a difference!


Enroll for this course and Learn how to use powerful financial tools to evaluate opportunities, manage risks, and optimize results. Gain the skills that top professionals rely on to drive profitability.


Dive deep into the world of management accounting and learn how to interpret financial data like a pro. Gain the power to make strategic decisions that drive profitability and growth.


Ready to revolutionize your approach to performance management and skyrocket your success? Look no further! Our cutting-edge course, is here to empower you with the knowledge and tools to excel.

Business Advisory Services

MAT ABACUS Business School provides consulting support to institutions to assist them in their quest to achieve management excellence.

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Full Circle Approach To  Business

Our engagement approach with business involves giving entry level support to young students, providing them with professional qualifications and supporting their rise up the career ladder with academic qualifications like the MBA and MSc in Finance.

We continue to engage them with assistance in solving their business challenges through our consulting arm and giving them the confidence to be the next generation of C-level executives with bespoke training through our specialist Executive Education programs.

For those at the end of their careers stepping up to Board level positions, we support them with Board training and cutting edge knowledge insights and research as well as giving them opportunity to become part of our faculty, training the next generation of business leaders, who in turn will repeat the cycle.

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