Why the Alumni Association was Created?

The alumni association is to help you maintain link with MATABACUS whether MABS was your “home” a decade ago or you’re still a going student. The alumni will offer you all kind of perks like CPD’s through our ever-growing initiatives, Career support, Enterprise sup- port, Mentorship programs and discounts and networking opportunities. This is also your chance to contribute to a noble cause by sponsoring a student on their journey to improving their professionalism and career

Why Join the Alumni?

MATABACUS offers CPDs through its various channels including executive programs that equip you with exceptional skills to stand you out in the work place, wide range of bespoke programs such Leadership communication, CFO leadership academy, IT audit among others, research opportunities both formally and informally. Contact us via info@matabacus.ac.ug for more information

Join our esteemed team of mentors by offering professional and transformative advice to students and executive course participants Or benefit from our vast pool of mentors who will walk your career journey with you and offer advice.

At MATABACUS, business owners and start ups are always on our minds. We equip you with relevant skills to help you run your business efficiently and effectively by providing you with training in short courses, free webinars where experts in in this sphere are hosted giving you proactive support you need to succeed.

Be the first to know about available opportunities in the
market. Watch out for the MABS news letter each week.

Grow your professional network and rub shoulders with

people who have made it to inspire you.


Networking Opportunities:

Connect recent graduates with established professionals and help people pursue career changes

Alumni Events

From alumni lectures to game day pep rallies, alumni associations often host social events

Discounts From Businesses

Alumni association often partner with businesses to offer dis- counts for members.

Career Services:

Offer career support for recent grads and longtime alumni. Career services to help professionals choose a career path, transition into a new field, and explore career oppor-tunities

Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni can participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities through our alumni association, helping them give back to their communities.